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We’ve had our fair share of dates (and dating fails) to know how hard it can be to find a partner when kids aren’t in your plans – after all, it’s never the easiest conversation to have on the first date!

That’s why we’re creating a dating app where everyone's on the same page about kids, taking away the need for that discussion so you can concentrate on getting to know each other over coffee or perhaps something a little stronger.

We welcome all you lovely singles who don’t see kids in your future, whatever your reasons. We’re not fans of labels as everyone has their own preference; however, we want to be sure this app is for you. If you relate to one of the below, then you’re in the right place!

  • Childfree: Singletons who choose not to have kids

  • Childless: Singletons who can’t have kids by fate or circumstance

  • Parents: Singletons who have kids but aren’t looking to have more

In building the app, we’ve come across many fantastic people and groups creating powerful content, including podcasts, magazines, blogs, and documentaries about their lifestyles and experiences, which we felt would be rude not to share.

Childfree links:

Childless links:

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