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Don’t want kids in your next relationship? You're not alone.

An ever-growing number of people are choosing kid-free relationships and lifestyles, yet many struggle to find potential matches on mainstream dating apps. Kindred is here to solve that problem.


London (UK), 10 February 2022 – 10th February 2022 marks the official launch of the Kindred dating app, offering a fresh solution to those seeking kid-free relationships.

Designed to connect like-minded singles in the dating world who either don’t want or can’t have children, Kindred cleverly removes the challenges many are faced with using mainstream dating apps. Its two child-free founders, Eleanor Brook-Hatch and Philip Wassouf, developed the idea out of frustrations they faced when constantly matching with people who either wanted kids, or were unsure about it, leading to wasted time and awkward dating experiences.

Kindred Managing Director and co-founder, Philip Wassouf, comments “Ele and I have used all the well-known dating apps over the years. We struggled to connect with other singles who wanted to date and settle down without the pressures of having kids and, after digging deeper, realised we weren’t the only ones, by a long shot! Even though there are almost 3 million single parent families (Office for National Statistics, 2021), many of whom don’t want more kids, and almost half of British women now hit thirty and are kid-free (Office for National Statistics, 2020), we’re still underserved by mainstream dating apps.”

A significant and growing portion of the dating market are singles, who Kindred calls “spirits”, broadly falling into three lifestyles:

  • Childfree: spirits who’ve chosen not to have kids for a multitude of reasons, from environmental to financial and anything in between.   

  • Childless: spirits who can’t have kids, whether by fate or circumstance, and now lead a kid-free lifestyle.  

  • Parents: spirits who don’t want more kids but do want to date and meet that special someone.

Kindred Communications Director and co-founder, Eleanor Brook-Hatch, adds “More people than ever are looking for a kid-free relationship, with over a third of those without kids now saying they’ll never have them (YouGov, 2020). We created Kindred to remove the need for the kids conversation and to connect singles whether they’re childfree, childless or parents.

Comments like ‘you’ll change your mind’ or ‘you just haven’t met the right person yet’ are about as welcome as dick pics for those of us looking for kid-free relationships, yet that’s all too often the response from people.”  

The free version of the Kindred app allows you to filter spirits by lifestyle, swipe their profiles, and chat with your matches – everything you need to start dating. Kindred also combats the issues of fake profiles by using selfie verification, and ensures high quality profiles by having all images and text reviewed and approved by real people.

Kindred Communications Director and co-founder, Eleanor Brook-Hatch, says “We all want to find a partner who’s on the same page about the big stuff. Many apps claim to have great algorithms or search filters but you can rarely filter for people who don’t want kids or have to pay to do so. That’s not the case on Kindred. Everyone on the app is looking to meet and date fellow singles for a kid-free relationship.”

Kindred also offers a premium membership which unlocks various features including more detailed search functions, a curated list of compatible spirits and priority placement in search results. 

Kindred is offering six months of premium membership for free to any singles who sign up for the waiting list before the app launches in their area.  

After launching in London, Kindred will make its way to the US later in the year then to Europe and the rest of the world.  

Notes to Editors

Media Contact

Eleanor Brook-Hatch | Tel: +44 7397 929557 | Email:

Text about founders

Kindred Co-Founders Phil and Ele met on a mainstream dating app during the pandemic.  Over probably too many drinks during their first few dates, they discussed the challenges and frustrations of finding a partner and the lack of apps that truly cater for the underserved yet growing community of singles looking for a kid-free relationship. So they decided to do something about it.    

Phil runs his own engineering software business which he started over ten years ago, and Ele has over twenty years' experience working as an EA within the media and entertainment industry.  Together, they have the business, software and personal experience needed to create a dating app for kid-free relationships.


About Kindred  

Kindred is a new dating app for people who want a kid-free relationship. The app launches in London on 10th Feb 2022 with a waiting list for other locations around the world.  It will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android, creating a safe space for Kindred spirits to match, meet and date.


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