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Kindred in the Press

It’s been an exciting few months since we launched in London, and Kindred has already been widely featured in the press. We were even in the top 3 dating apps in Elle UK, now that’s something to shout about! 📢

If you fancy reading the full articles, grab a cuppa ☕ and check out the links below. For those who don’t have time, here’s a little taster of what’s been written about Kindred:

“Discussing with a potential partner whether or not you want children, might not be your first subject of choice on a first date. However, the newly-launched KINDRED app is on a mission to break down children chat taboos”. As featured in ELLE

“While some people are clear from the first date that they don’t want children, others struggle to bring it up so quickly. It can be an awkward, serious conversation to have when you’ve just met someone, but it often only gets more painful to address as time goes on.” As featured in Lifestyle

“Couples can’t possibly agree on everything, but there are some big topics for which both of you need to be on the same page.” As featured in Metro

“with over a third of Britons who are not already parents saying they never want to have children, an app catering to these preferences is long overdue – but one has now launched and aims to change the landscape for those who desire a child-free relationship.” As featured in Stylist

“Kindred’s big difference is an interesting one: it’s an app for people to find partners if they’re not particularly interested in kids, or can’t have them.” As featured in GQ

“Dating app Kindred aims to offer a ‘fresh solution to those seeking kid-free relationships’. Considering over one third of Britons who aren’t already parents have said they never want to have children, this seems like a great idea.” As featured in You

Until the next update,

Ele (Co-Founder of Kindred)

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