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Kindred Dating App - Beta Version

It’s getting ever closer, the "beta" version of the Kindred dating app, the first edition, numero uno, the beginning... you get the idea.

Our team has been putting everything into the beta version so we can get testing and make sure it works smoothly for all you lovely singles! Our developers are working in "sprints", but I haven’t seen Usain Bolt or any latex in sight... only lots of features added to our new dating site 😊

The Kindred dating site is nearly finished, and we're already getting started on the mobile apps. You’ll notice the plural as we're building Kindred dating apps for both Android and Apple iOS - got to make sure we're accessible to all you lovely singles whichever camp you're in.

So what’s so special about our Kindred dating site and apps? Here’s a little sneak preview! 👀

  • Filter and search by Childless, Childfree and Parents who don’t want any more kids (along with lots of other criteria!)

  • Send a "wink" or a “gift” to the spirits who catch your eye to get the conversation started

  • Text and video chat so you can get to know other spirits a little better before the first date, or even keep in touch between dates 😉

  • A cool selfie verification feature to make sure our spirits are who they say they are

  • Text and photo moderation by a human to catch and stop inappropriate content

  • Lots more neat features that we'll announce soon!

And what’s better than a free dating app? Well, not much. So for our launch, the app will be free for everyone on our waiting list - they'll get automatic free access to all features for a limited time. Sign up on our homepage to make sure you don’t miss out!

What else have we been up to at Kindred Dating HQ?

  • World mental health day. As well as sharing information on socials, we had a chilled out meeting to figure what we could do more of at work and on the app to protect both our spirits' and our own mental health

  • Two of our founders got married! Hangovers all round, and a high bar set for our dating app 💍

  • We all managed to get some downtime and squeezed in much anticipated and well overdue holidays. Juggling our day jobs and creating Kindred makes for a pretty busy schedule so it's been great for us all to take a little breather and come back focussed and rested so we can spend the last few months of 2021 (how is it almost Xmas!) fully focussed on getting ready to launch in the new year

Until the next update,

Ele (Co-Founder of Kindred)

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