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A Spirited Start

Time has flown by during our first months at Kindred HQ and, with the year racing on,

we're making good progress on the dating app.

We've included a detailed update of what we've been up to below and, for our busy followers, we've put together a brief snapshot:

Have a good one,

Ele (Co-Founder of Kindred)


A Spirited Start

For those with a bit more free time, grab a cuppa, here's the longer version of what we've been up to…

Website, waiting list and branding

  • We bought the URL and our talented Art Director, Annabelle, created many brand ideas. Our pink, purple and blue colour palette immediately got everyone's attention, as did the soft, bold, playful logo - hope you like it.

  • We added the waiting list to the website so all you "Spirits" can join and keep up to date with our progress as we work on the app. Thanks to everyone who've joined so far, we're looking forward to receiving your feedback, the good and the bad!


  • We decided to go with the visual Facebook and Instagram social channels to kick things off. Our handles are @kindreddating so follow us if you haven't already.

  • We wanted to create a consistent experience for you, so we brought our new branding into the social sphere with pink images and purple quotes; if you have any feedback or other ideas, we'd love to hear from you.

Dating app

  • So, when's the app going to be ready? We'll be putting out updates in the coming weeks about where and when we're going to launch our Beta version. Make sure you sign up for the waiting list if you'd like us to roll out in your city, area, or country.

  • We're kicking off with the web version first and are on the lookout for Spirits to join. The mobile apps will be live shortly after in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Don't want kids in your next relationship?

  • How do you capture everyone and every reason? It's hard! We've done our best to explain some of the many reasons people don't want or can't have children in their next relationship - check it out in our Useful Links. Whether you're Childfree, Childless, or a parent who isn't looking to have more kids - we're creating a dating app for you!

  • We've started marketing around some of these terms to try and spread the word about Kindred. This helps us get in front of as many Spirits as possible, but we need your help to grow the number of registered singletons - so raise the roof and let people know about the Kindred app!

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